Safety Devices and Monitors

Safety Devices and Monitors

Please note that Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario (ESWO) is not a provider or distributor of any of the devices listed here. Please note that this document is intended for informational purposes only, and ESWO cannot recommend or endorse any of the products listed. Always consult with your or your child’s neurologist/health care provider for more information regarding seizure safety devices and monitors.

A seizure alert device can be used to alert caregivers of seizure activity. Some devices can detect convulsive or shaking movements experienced during tonic clonic or focal motor seizures*. Depending on the device, notifications in the form of phone calls, text messages, or alarms, are sent to a caregiver. These devices can be useful in cases of repositioning the person if they are on their stomach or back, calling for medical help if an emergency occurs, or administering rescue medication if necessary.

*Focal impaired awareness, absence, or other non motor seizures may not be detected, as these devices detect shaking motions or falls.

Devices and Alerts
  • Danmar
  • Plum
  • Guardian
Video Monitors

• Sami
• Recording Devices (any camera-enabled with night vision and which detects motion – try deer hunting devices)
• Lorex Camera System

Financial Help
  • ADP – Helmets and other alert devices may be a covered benefit on your health insurance plan. As well, the Ontario Assisted Devices Program (ADP) may cover up to 75 percent of a helmet.”
  • Danny Did – In some situations, clients may be eligible for financial aid through the Danny Did Foundation.